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We have a strong belief that every child deserves the opportunity to achieve their full potential.


Our team is very focused on creating a culture that enables all students, parents and teachers to be engaged in a learning and teaching partnership.


We have a very talented and enthusiastic team of teachers who are extremely passionate and are just waiting to unlock and unleash the full potential of every child.


We believe it’s our role to ensure all of our students are well prepared academically and socially for the next step in their education.


Our school has an amazing history and our community is a big part of this.  We would love for your child to be part of our exciting future.


The Board of Trustees consists of five members elected by parents of children attending the School, the Principal and a Staff Representative. 


The term of office for the Board of Trustees is for a period of three years. Next elections will be in 2025.


The Board of Trustees is responsible for governing the school by formulating and reviewing policies that efficiently and effectively help achieve school  goals for student learning and achievement.  Students, and their learning are our main focus!  The Principal is responsible for the day to day management of the school.


Board of Trustees meetings are usually held twice per term at 6.30pm in the School Staffroom.  The date and venue are advertised in the School Newsletter. Parents and Caregivers are welcome to attend these meetings. Please email if you would like to attend a board meeting.

To contact the Board of Trustees you can email 



Caine Webster (Principal)

Libby Tuite (Presiding Member)

Simon Jones (Finance)

Rosie Clement (Fundraising)

Anita Press (Property)

Kate Excell (Staff Rep)

Manuela Hodgson (Secretary)




Libby Tuite - Presiding Member

Kia ora e te Whānau, my name is Libby and I have one child at school, my son Braxton is in year 6. I feel honoured to be part of the Board of Trustees at Pāuatahanui school. 

It’s important to me that all children receive a quality education and that the school is run with transparency and trust, and staff are supported in their jobs and can focus on our children. 

Always happy to chat, so please do approach me for a chat if you see me around!

Ngā mihi

Simon Jones - Finance

I’m pleased to be serving on the board for a second term. My children are now in years 4 and 6. I would like to continue to contribute to making Pauatahanui School the best it can be so that they continue to get the best possible start to their education. I would also like to ensure the school continues to be a fun, safe and engaging place for children to learn.

I am an engineer and work at a renewable energy company based in Wellington.

Please feel free to contact me if there is anything I can help you with at the school.

Anita Press - Property

My name is Anita Press, and together with my husband, Fraser and two children, Hunter (Year 3), and Lucy (Year 2) we have lived in this awesome community for the past 8 years.

In our short time with Pauatahanui School - the supportive community, awesome teachers, as well as strong values and history of the school community, really aligns with our family values.

 The governance role of the Board is about ensuring great values are held, but also ensuring the school continues to challenge and develop in such times. I agree with and support the curriculum at Pauatahanui and the current governance.

 I believe that a strong curriculum, combined with high-quality leadership at all levels of the school, good teacher morale and a board that is supportive of the principal, senior management and teachers’ especially with professional development are fundamental to Pauatahanui’s continued success.

 A little about myself. I have a masters degree from Massey University in animal nutrition. I am a territory sales manager for Dechra NZ, a veterinary pharmaceutical company. I also run a small animal product  business-out of the garage. As well as ensuring Fraser, Hunter and Lucy are watered, fed and housed- otherwise known as keeping home. We run 20 in-lamb ewes, 14 head of heifer cattle, too many ponies and a flock of chooks. Not to forget, Frank the Jack Russell dog- that could be counted as the fur child.

My aim as a Trustee- should I be elected, will be to bring the rural aspect of our community to the table. As well as maintain the importance of a quality education at Pauatahanui School. I also feel it is important to be a part of Hunter and Lucy’s education and contribute to the wonderful community we belong to by being on the Board of Trustees.

Libby pic.jpg

Rosie Clement - Fundraising

Hi, I’m Rosie and I have 4 children at various stages of their education journey. I will be connected to the primary school for sometime yet!

I am excited to contribute to the school, our community and our children as a member of the Board of Trustees. I hope to be able to apply my professional experience as a technology and business leader, along with my dream of seeing all children provided with an equitable start in NZ, to my role as a board member.

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